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Benchmarking Self-Analysis Intro & Registration

BAPC Industry Benchmarking – The Power of Print

Your Benchmarking & Self Analysis Tool Kit

Welcome to the BAPC’s benchmarking self analysis. We have put this service together to help you and your business. It will enable you measure yourself against performance and best practice within the industry; it is also about tapping into the experience of others to help overcome issues, explore ideas and opportunities or improve business processes.

It is easy; take the time to complete the questionnaire, all the information you give will be in the strictest of confidence. Once you have completed the online questionnaire a report will be sent to you electronically that compares your companies vital statistics against both the current industry average, and other companies within the industry.

Or if you prefer, you can download a PDF of the questionnaire first so you can take the time to go through all the questions properly before going online.

We have broken the questionnaire down into nine manageable sections and pages.

  • Background Information
  • Labour Costs
  • Input Costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Costing & Pricing
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Press & Finishing
  • Scheduling & Delivery
  • Workforce

Please proceed through all parts of this questionnaire, filling in as many of the questions as you can as accurately as possible. Although it is not compulsory to complete all the questions, the more you complete, the more you will benefit as the feed back you get will only be for those questions you answered. This will help us to provide you with a more accurate final analysis and information that can certainly help your business.

Once completed you will receive an e-mail confirming all the details you supplied and your own personalised confidential report FREE OF CHARGE.

Benchmarking Registration


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