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Why we exist

Originally formed in 1978 to help gain acceptance of the on-demand end of the Print market, the BAPC has grown into a major representational body to the print and creative industry. Most of the industry is made up of small companies without a collective voice or the financial leverage to access dedicated expertise that can help businesses grow and get recognised. The BAPC is a body that can speak on behalf of everyone in the business and offer every business the benefit of help and assistance across the spectrum of business advice and services.

We pioneer new ways of working, promote latest technologies and represent the interests of our members at the highest national levels. As well as helping our member and associate members to improve the way they work, we’re also out there attracting new talent into the industry and new challenges and motivations for those already in it.

We’re also in touch with fellow national associations round the world and able to offer a global perspective on print and creative issues. Whether you’re a small local firm or a multi-national corporation, the BAPC can add value to your offering.



Membership of the BAPC
has been a real lifesaver for
us as a way of finding out
what's going on.

John Birmbaum,
Ashford, Kent

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